Erdogan’s Turkish Delights

There is only one president being capable to be at the same time offensive, out of line and arrogant, as well as needed and constantly courted. No, it is not Putin, as he has followers and admirers, but the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Nationwide protests against his policies in May 2013, led to police crackdown … Continue reading Erdogan’s Turkish Delights


Here We Go Again: Syrian Deja Vu

The recent escalation in Syria, with the US attacking for the first time directly the Syrian territory, has taken many by surprise and confusion. To some commentators, is the sign of the unpredictability of Donald Trump, for others the continuous with a policy always directed to the change of regimes, for others more is the … Continue reading Here We Go Again: Syrian Deja Vu

IS Strength is Proportional to our Weakness

The recent Paris attacks have opened a series of questions on security and the real strength of IS. However, one clear fact is in front of our eyes: IS strength is proportional to our weakness. World powers division over Syria has just highlighted how easy is for groups like IS to increase their force and … Continue reading IS Strength is Proportional to our Weakness

The Isis: An Offensive Not Only Towards Iraq

  The Isis offensive has exposed not only the failure of the Iraqi state but also of the whole Middle Eastern strategy pursued in these years by the US. “I told you so”, this is the resounding and well known sentence that many are now saying referring to the Iraqi situation. It is difficult not … Continue reading The Isis: An Offensive Not Only Towards Iraq

Cyprus: Towards a Permanent Partition?

The recent economic crisis that is affecting the EU and many of its members brought to the news the case of Cyprus. The Island, forced to request a financial bailout, is not only a troubled EU member struggling for its economic survival, but also home to one of the longest unsettled territorial disputes since 1974. … Continue reading Cyprus: Towards a Permanent Partition?