Are you Looking at the Moon or the Finger?

"When a wise man points at the moon the imbecile examines the finger" (Confucius) All of us are familiar with this old saying, old as history gets, old as our civilisations are. But we actually learn something from it? Are we sure it is applied correctly to our modern life? Especially when it comes to … Continue reading Are you Looking at the Moon or the Finger?


Erdogan’s Turkish Delights

There is only one president being capable to be at the same time offensive, out of line and arrogant, as well as needed and constantly courted. No, it is not Putin, as he has followers and admirers, but the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Nationwide protests against his policies in May 2013, led to police crackdown … Continue reading Erdogan’s Turkish Delights

IS Strength is Proportional to our Weakness

The recent Paris attacks have opened a series of questions on security and the real strength of IS. However, one clear fact is in front of our eyes: IS strength is proportional to our weakness. World powers division over Syria has just highlighted how easy is for groups like IS to increase their force and … Continue reading IS Strength is Proportional to our Weakness

The Isis: An Offensive Not Only Towards Iraq

  The Isis offensive has exposed not only the failure of the Iraqi state but also of the whole Middle Eastern strategy pursued in these years by the US. “I told you so”, this is the resounding and well known sentence that many are now saying referring to the Iraqi situation. It is difficult not … Continue reading The Isis: An Offensive Not Only Towards Iraq

The US-Russia Syrian Plan: A System Restore

The recent US-Russia plan on Syria chemical weapons, approved unanimously at the UN Security Council, has been hailed as a step forward in the resolution of this bloody civil war and at the same time as a milestone of international diplomacy. In reality what represent this plan? Is it really a convergence on a humanitarian and … Continue reading The US-Russia Syrian Plan: A System Restore

Assessing Interventionism in Syria

The conflict in Syria, with its human costs and destruction, is still far from being over and, although contained to a civil war, many ask when this will turn in an international conflict. Sitting in a region where religious and ethnic lines cut across several states, this civil war could generate a dangerous conflict capable … Continue reading Assessing Interventionism in Syria

Syria and the Lebanese Connection

Few months ago, we analysed the Syrian crisis ending with a question, will Syria follow the Libyan or Egypt style in its transition to “democracy”? After all this time, the answer is now clear: neither of them. Because Syria, unfortunately, is set to follow a different path made of bloodshed, hate, sectarian violence and all … Continue reading Syria and the Lebanese Connection