Trump’s Cuban U-Turn: Another Desperate Attempt to Save his Presidency.

The President of the United States Donald Trump has announced US withdrawal from some of the agreements signed by former president Barak Obama on Cuba’s relations. The move, partly expected, is not a return to Cold War or a new phase of anti-Cuban sentiment, but simply a desperate attempt to swing attention from personal troubles.

Cuba and US signed a historic deal last year, sanctioning the end to 50 years of anachronistic policies and mistrust. US President Barak Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro moved away from historic, political and economic mistrust to give a chance to a new relation, a new era needed by both countries.

Cuba’s long imprisonment into an anachronistic embargo and political pariah finally came to an end when Washington on the other side realised the need to reset its relations with Central and South American counterparts, of which Cuba has been a delicate if not embarrassing issue.

This deal was not a solely joy for Cubans but also for Americans, deprived to travel to the island, forbidden to commerce and make business when other countries around the world enjoyed the freedom denied by the “greatest democracy on earth” to its own citizens.

With the disappearance of the Lider Maximo Fidel Castro, for many the last obstacle to open relations came to an end and the future finally appeared different. Tourism is already flourishing and scores of american citizens and businessmen are taking pn the islands the desire to open a new channel.

Unfortunately, the new President Donald Trump has now decided to reset the clocks back to 1961, back to the era of mistrust, in a ridiculous attempt to mask his political difficulties with a rhetoric that has nothing to envy to Pyongyang. Are really the problem of human rights in Cuba, the socialist regime, the threat of an enemy on the door step, the axil of evil, convincing arguments in the 21st Century? We have, and everyone has, debated for years on the double standards, the hypocrisy and paradoxes of the US policies towards Cuba that would be tedious just to repeat them here. As well as it would be tedious listing the failings of the Cuban regime or its human rights records. No one is pure from sins.

What astonished of Trump’s decision is that he really believes to feed this non sense to all of us, in the attempt to make us look elsewhere while his power is crumbling. Trump is not threatened by the usual ghosts and archenemies (Iran, Cuba, Syria, Russia, China, etc.) but within his own party and country. Trump’s presidency is continuously marred by allegations of vote fraud involving foreign powers (Russia) and continuous protests against his conflict of interests and the relations with the security agencies. Under constant threat of investigation, which possibly could lead to impeachment, is no wonder that is looking for a distraction, for something that Americans will soon forget his troubles. In his calculation he thought about national pride, the american power, the suggestion of being the true democracy. Not long ago same calculation was used when, in front of a chemical attack in Syria, he rushed to bomb the government forces in an act as brazen as futile seen what happened next: nothing. He solely looked for a distraction at a time when the crisis within the CIA and his relation with Putin started to reach a tipping point, exactly as happening now.

The problem for Donald Trump is that this time he took the wrong argument, are really Americans going to still believe the usual mantra of the evil Cubans planning to overthrow the US? Really? Are they going to be thrown back into the Cold War rhetoric when all the planet simply moved away? Can they really believed that Cuba is so atrocious on human right records than even Saudi Arabia deserved a new contract on military assistance from the US? He took on  Cuba only because is the least questionable of all in his mind and having tasted the cold and blatant arrogance of the North Koreans when he was challenging them, he surely thinks to have his way with the Cubans.

Trump decision to go back in time is already a defeat for him, for America, for what the country believe and seek. Cubans have won their place in history, despite a 50 years embargo, despite errors and undeniable human right abuses, they have won along the years the recognition of a true independent nation in front of imperialistic desires. They assisted other nations and with dignity have resisted years of isolation. This last attempt to throw them back into the darkness of the lies and injustice will just pass as in 50 years they saw 11 presidents coming and go. Trump will be just another addition and maybe not to be waited so long for his departure from office.


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