The Russian Elections: behind the lies in Moscow and the West

The recent Russian elections ended with the victory of United Russia Party of President Medvedev and PM Putin. However, it’s a bitter victory for Vladimir Putin, as his party lost nearly a quarter of the previous votes and seats in the Duma, as well allegation of frauds.
The latter sparked general protests and calls for a re-run that saw especially US and Britain in first line, and many observers are now questioning how Putin will deal with this.
A clear point we must first observe: United Russia is the only and credible party at the moment, able to give stability and economic growth to a country that in the ’90 was nearly to collapse like the ex Yugoslavia. Obviously corruption exists, but we need also to remember that many of the big and rich businessmen have made their empires in the ’90 stealing companies form the bankrupt soviet state, making money with arms trafficking and with not clear relations with the resurgent Russian mafia.
The opponents, that in the West are regarded as champions of democracy, are in reality corrupt as Putin and his party, but with the incapacity in offering a real political alternative. Some of the opposition parties, like the liberal democrats, are seen as pro-western and more in line with their interest, not hard line as Putin and ready to sell Russian pride to the first offerent, as it happened during Yeltsin years.
In the West everyone seems to forget that the biggest opposition party, the one that in a fair re-run will probably win, are the Communists of Zyuganov. Will this party be accepted in Washington? The answer is obviously no, because what the US wants is a submissive Russia, with no pride, that at the UN will pass whatever resolution Americans and their allies want to pursue, i.e. Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc.
When media are depicting young Russians at the head of the protests cannot be more wrong, these are the only that are taking something back from the recent economic boom and they are also the easiest to corrupt: as China teach, give them cars, phones, travel, some money and they will forget politics and Tiananmen.
Although this is a hard time for Putin, the first real challenge since the dark times of the Kursk, the slump in votes does not change his chances for re-election in March as president, but put serious question marks on the ability of the party to control changes in the constitution as in the past.
The main concern is that if United Russia has this strong control over society, police and secret services, from the past we also know that low points in Putin popularity have been overcome using nationalist propaganda following terrorist attacks. The Chechen shadow, Caucasus terrorists and other cells will probably rise again from the darkness to inflict terror and dismay to common Russians, and whilst the politician talk about democracy, Putin as usual will wear the tough outfit and present himself as the protector of Russian interests.
His accusation of western influences into the election and the following protests are not lies, before the election some financial groups in Britain and US openly offered money to opposition parties. If the same would happen in US with Russia financing a party, no doubt they well call this an act of aggression to their sovereignty.
Once again are the western hypocrisy, arrogance and the idea we are only idiots that our media can feed whatever lies, that make us not different from Russian people. They tried to influence regimes changes in all ex soviet republics, and where they are now? Most of them are accused of corruption, and conduct their powers with tyrannical laws, or as Saakashvili in Georgia who was nearly lost his power following a western backed invasion in Abkhazia.
The plan for a missile shield in Eastern Europe is the demonstration of the real interests behind the attacks on Putin’s authority; in Washington know that his relection will plunge the relationship with Russia to a low point and any attempt for international adventures Libya style will encounter a veto at the UN.
Whilst they are now concentrating the attention on Russia, Israel is conducting air strikes in Gaza, killing civilians and nobody, in London, Paris, Bruxelles and Washington is at the UN calling for a no fly zone. These are facts, the rest is diplomacy and international politics for idiots.


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